We are living in the new digital age. Smart phones have already become part of our everyday lives. While you are reading this, somebody posts a message on Facebook from the bus stop, somebody pays their electricity bill while waiting in a queue, and somebody plays scrabble on the train. To make a long story short, smart phones allow users to perform virtually any task on the go from any location. Everything that is available through traditional computers now can be accessed through mobile applications.


The functionality of the application can be designed to support your specific business needs, whether it is to provide updates on your latest products, or create additional channels of communication with your customers. Apps can support or advance your business. They can be an extra cash generating unit or stand alone business.


Current Active Application Count By Category

Games 108,170 (17.49%)
Books 62,866 (10.16%)
Entertainment 62,357 (10.08%)
Education 60,787 (9.83%)
Lifestyle 51,849 (8.38%)
Other 272,517 (44.06%)
Total 618,546 (100.00%)


If you have an idea for an application and want to take it to the development stage, send us your thoughts and our project managers will assist you all the way. At SSP Software we can develop software for any platform, any complexity or budget, which will allow your business to stay competitive and be in touch with the latest technology.

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