UX centered Development

At SSP Software we pride ourselves in our approach to user experience (UX) design and user interface (UI) development. A distinct team of skilled UX/UI designers specialize in inventing and creating flawless user interfaces.

Why Is UX So Important?

We believe UX is one of the most important features of a software project. Commercial success of a product or startup heavily depends on its initial acceptance by the target audience. The audience’s acceptance in turn, depends on the quality of their experience interacting with the software.

Moreover, perfect UX can sometimes even mask functional defects, which is even more relevant for those who use beta-versions of software.

UX Design Saves You Money

The key benefit of UX design is that it can lower the costs of development. Hindsight allows you to realize how work should have been done, and this more often than not applies to software development. The cost of a project is formed not only from the initial development costs, but also from the unplanned costs of changes and improvements.

Many software projects exceed their budgets and the main reason for this is because the completed project does not meet the customer’s expectations. As a result, additional efforts to fix, improve and correct the software need to be accounted for. Thorough design and detailed specifications are only a partial solution.

This is why industrial engineers use pre-production samples and architects build models—it helps reveal hidden defects and assesses results before production begins.

UX design uses a similar practice that accomplishes the same for a software development project: software prototyping. Prototype creation does not require programming and is much cheaper. A good prototype can completely emulate the activity of real application. Therefore these prototypes allow you to check your ideas and examine the planned result of development with no development charges.

Our UX design team can create parallel prototypes for any desktop, web or mobile application.