Engagement Models

Based on each project’s details, SSP Software can offer a wide range of engagement models. You can choose any model you prefer and also switch during the ongoing project. This article will help you make the right choice.

Fixed Price

This means we take on the responsibility to provide you with a defined result within the established timeframes. To achieve this we examine your task and estimate the project’s scope. We then prepare a business proposal that includes cost, deadline and project milestones.

With the fixed price model, all project and resource management is performed by us. This model suits projects with clear and well-defined specifications.

Benefits: predictable costs, payment on results, no risks.

Cautions: change management requires a lot of attention.

Time and Material

With this model, you pay for the amount of hours that are actually spent working on the project on a monthly or weekly basis. Rates are to be discussed and agreed upon before the project begins.

The T&M model allows you to manage the development process yourself—you can decide in what order the features should be developed, and change functional requirements at any time, even if it affects the project scope. You can also choose who exactly will work for you based on our developers’ CVs and interviews.

This model is perfect for long-term projects with incomplete specifications. Customers often choose T&M in case they do not agree with the developer’s estimations.

Benefits: avoiding overestimation, ease of making changes, better control of the process.

Cautions: time and costs may vary from what was initially planned.

Dedicated Team

This model provides you with a team of skilled developers who will not be engaged in any other projects, and allows you full control over resources and the development process.

In choosing this model, you will pay a fixed price every month depending on the size of the team.

Benefits: no need for detailed specifications, full involvement in project, maximum control.

Cautions: you pay 100% of resources’ costs, regardless of actual load.